Company profile


1999, saw the foundation of UKI, a company in the Maletti which produces trolleys and professional electrical and other accessories for hair salons, SPAs and beauty centres; Uki made its mark instantly thanks to its attention to Italian design, great research on technology and careful quality when preparing their own internationally patented moulds. All this was born out of the synergies of Maletti, a company active in the market for 80 years.

Present in 101 countries around the world with a global network of distributors


UKI International today

Over the years, under the guide of Matteo Maletti, UKI has expanded to include other brands working in the same sector, and has developed new spin-offs through a number of interesting encounters with players from the art, design and fashion world. 


UKI DESIGNED FOR HAIR Hairdryers . Straighteners . Curling irons . Trimmers . Technical trolleys . Colour trolleys . Sterilisers . Stools . Manicure and Pedicure tables . Brushes . Combs . Scissors . Small accessories


UKI DESIGNED FOR BEAUTY Manicure and pedicure tables . Technical trolleys . Sterilisers . Stools . Technical and disposable clothing . Make-Up accessories . Depilatory accessories . Manicure and Pedicure accessories . Nail Art accessories 



Young, dynamic, innovative: the UKI image has allowed the brand, in just a few years from its launch, to reach the highest levels of renown, thanks also to the great efforts made in terms of planning which has produced UKI advertising in the major Italian and foreign sectoral press.